About Us

We are an independent, family run business based in Surrey, UK and established in 2018.

Healthy Snacks was born from a desire to create and share a range of wholesome, natural snacks, influenced by our Italian and, more specifically, Calabrian heritage. 

Many of Healthy Snacks' products contain figs in their ingredients. The reason for this is that figs have a significant presence in the Calabrian diet as well as a number of health benefits. They are particularly good for reducing symptoms of fatigue as they are highly nutritious and rich in mineral salts, vitamin C and A, fibre and easily digestible. Consuming dried figs, therefore, helps maintain a healthy body even during the winter months.

Figs also have symbolic importance in Italy. Together with the olive and grape, the fig was a sacred plant for the Romans who, it is recounted, traditionally gave figs and honey to relatives and friends at the beginning of winter to wish them well for the new year.

Our Too Good To Share collection was formed to offer a more indulgent twist on the traditional concept of stuffing dried figs with nuts by coating them with 70% Belgian dark chocolate. This was then extended to other fruit and nut combinations. We chose to use dark chocolate as we wanted to keep the ingredients as natural and healthy as possible.

The Crav'n Morsels collection was created to provide a modern, convenient and, most importantly, healthy energy boost by combining dried fruits and nuts into cold-pressed bite sized goodies, still recalling some of the traditional ingredients and flavours of Italy and Calabria such as figs and liquorice.

We hope you enjoy sharing part of our heritage!